Ionic Cupric Copper
– Applications in Poultry:

1. Sanitize poultry drinking water – vs bacteria and molds.
2. Prevents biofilm in water lines.
3. Prevention and treatment of Crop Mycosis.
4. Reduce moisture and malodor in droppings and drier litter.
5. Improve growth rate and FCR in broilers.
6. Poultry manure treatment at 4 ppm, inhibits anaerobic bacteria, reduce H2S and odor.
7. Use in broilers during feed withdrawal before catching, reduces bacterial load in crop, i.e., Salmonella, E. coli.(part of HACCP in pathogen reduction in processing plant).
COPPER in solution (ppm)
Restrictions in duration of use
IONIC CUPRIC COPPER  Cu2+ ions + Minerals 1ppm None
BRAND A (USA) CuSO4 + Citric Acid + Minerals 392 ppm Not more than 3 days of use
BRAND B (EU) CuSO4 +Organic Acids + Glycerol 2.5 to 10 Not stated.
BRAND C (EU) CuSO4 +Organic acids 6,000 to 24,000 Not stated.
BRAND D CuSO4 (25 %) 500,000 Not more than 2 days of use

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