As with all culturing activities, the aquaculturist must always be alert to disease and environmental conditions that could detract from optimum growth and health of the fish and shrimp. All aquatic life is quite sensitive to water quality and to many organisms that could impact their health. AGS specialises in Fish and Shrimp pond disinfection and controlling harmfull bacteria present in the soil and water. By utilising nano ionic mineral particles, disinfection action takes place when the positively charged mineral ions form electrostatic bonds with negatively charged areas on the cell walls of harmful microorganisms.

These electrostatic bonds create stresses that lead to distorted cell wall permeability, minimizing the normal intake of life-sustaining nutrients. Once inside the cell of a harmful micro-organism, these energized ions react with sulphur containing amino-acids in the proteins used for photosynthesis (the process of converting light and nutrients into usable food and energy).As a result photosynthesis is blocked leading to cell disintegration and death.

Recent research has shown that Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas is highly toxic to shrimp and fish, and can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds. Studies have confirmed that as low as 0.051 ppm H2S concentration in sea water can lead to mortality of 50% or more of the shrimp (Penaeus monodon) population in just 4 days.Also Ammonia & Nitrite are the organic killers in the pond. Stress caused by toxic ammonia and nitrite levels have cost farmers entire crops, resulting in devastating losses. Our nano ionic natural mineral solution can effectively control the bacteria that causes H2S and Ammonia and therefore improve the overall water quality in the shrimp ponds.

How Blue Magic controls Hydrogen Sulphide?   When mainly anaerobic digesting bacteria use SO4 (sulphate) instead of O2, for digestion, they produce H2S (hydrogen sulphide) rather than CO2 as a by-product. By applying Blue Magic the active copper (Cu2+) reacts with H2S, changing it to a new sulphurous precipitate, CuS (copper sulphide) that drops out of solution. By killing sulphur-reducing bacteria and converting H2S with Blue Magic, H2S emissions can be eliminated. Water and soil quality are the key factors in preventing EMS and other known diseases that cause early mortality among shrimp.

Blue Magic can effectively control the Vibrio (CFU/0.1ml) Yellow, Green, Luminous to untraceable levels with in days of the initial application.

Eliminating Bacteria Gill Disease (BGD): Blue Magic has effectively controlled and eliminated BGD in Tilapia, Sea Bass and many other fresh water and salt water fish species within 2 days of initial application.

Bacteria Gill Disease

Bacteria Gill Disease (Sea Bass Before & After)